Lokatantra Vision


A one-stop solution to cater to every Mumbaikars' voting needs this election season. We connect leaders and citizens, and answer all your voting-related how, when, where and who questions. With no affiliations to any party, person or ideology we only promise you honest and unbiased information to help you make the most of your right to vote. 

Considering ourselves a humble assault on the unfortunate game of "if you can't convince them, confuse them" we streamline the flow of information between the governed and the governors. We do extensive research to collect all the information that voters need to know about their candidates and the voting process, verify its authenticity and then organise it in a manner which makes it quick and easy to understand. On the flip side, we collect data on citizens’ opinions on key issues through polls and surveys, and then analyse and publish the results, to aid in the decision-making process of leaders. 

Ofcourse we should be able to hold our leaders accountable, but the first step to being able to do that is being accountable for our own votes. Let’s all do our bit to be worthy members of the world’s biggest democracy.